Bradshaw Livestock

Reg. Haflinger Horses & Border Collie Dogs 
               Haflinger Horses and Border Collie Dogs
                                                                              Galion, Ohio 44833 

  Welcome to Bradshaw Livestock home to Haflinger Horses and Border Collie dogs. We
    are a small farm with a few select Haflingers which are used for showing, breeding, 
    and various other purposes. Our Border Collies are here for our enjoyment, their working
    assistance, and for breeding purposes.

    Pictured here is the pride of the farm, Gen, our daughter Abbie's National Show winning
    walk - trot/jog Haflinger mare. This pair are consistent winners and placers in their 
    various classes at the Haflinger and open shows. This mare shows both English and 
    Western classes.  As a driving horse, she has been shown at open all breed shows
    for the past three years and has had numerous wins and a couple of second place
    finishes while being driven by Abbie. Never have they finished below second! Watch
    for the girls again in 2014.

    Thanks to all the people that have supported, coached, and cheered these two on over
    the years.  And a special thanks to Jill and Craig Sweeting of Hickory Creek Performance
    Horses for their assistance and constant mentoring year after year!

    As we build this site, we will be listing horses we have for sale from time to time. We do
    have Border Collie pups for sale. Pleases visit our Border Collie page for more 
    Thanks for visiting and check back often as we will be adding to this site regularly.

Photo by Studio 316 Photography

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